Top tip for new habits #1: Be kind

be kind

Kindness is key in building new habits.

New habits are HARD. Why? Because they are new! They are not normal for us so they might feel uncomfortable and difficult in the beginning.

I think that is the most important thing to remember when we start a new habit.

We can be a little bit strict with ourselves – so that we learn new things. However, if we are TOO strict, we will hate the new habit and soon give up.

Which way do you think is better when you are learning?

To be kind to yourself and understand that it can be difficult?


To be angry or impatient when you aren’t perfect at your new habits NOW?

I prefer the first, don’t you?

It’s not possible to be perfect at something in the beginning, that’s why we practice. Remember that and you can remember to be kind.

I also find that I forget that I have a new habit in the beginning. My new vocabulary book was in my bag for a week before I started to write in it. Then maybe I looked at it once a week, then twice, then three times. Finally, after a month, I had formed my new habit: I was learning five words every day.

It is important to be real with ourselves. New habits don’t form overnight. They take time. So if you forget, don’t be annoyed with yourself. Just say ‘oops I forgot about that, but I’ll remember next time.’ Then very slowly you will remember more and more, and do it more and more.

Which leads me to my next tip


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