Top tip for new habits #2: Keep repeating

again and

The only way to turn a new practice into a habit is to KEEP DOING IT. That means to repeat the same action again and again until it becomes normal.

Like when you start to go to the gym every day. On the first day, it’s hard. On the second day, it’s hard. On the fifth day, it’s a bit easier. And so on, until it becomes normal to go to the gym every day.

It’s the same with language learning: you do it again and again and again until it is normal.

Plus, like any muscle, when you exercise it, it gets stronger. When it gets stronger, it becomes easier. So keep practicing. As I read this week ‘the only way to get to day 500 is to start with day 1.’ There is no way you will form a new lifetime habit if you give up on day 3. It does get easier, I promise.

So understand that it is hard and be kind to yourself… but keep going!

BONUS TIP: If you are finding it really really hard and you really really REALLY want to give up, get some help!

Tell someone you know about your new habit and call/message/email them every time you want to give up.

For example:
Me: Urgh I find it so hard to learn five new words EVERY DAY. It’s too hard, I think I’ll give up.
Friend: But you told me ‘I really want to improve my German and so I’m going to learn five new words a day.’
Me: Oh yeah… well, I still want to improve my German… so I guess I’ll keep doing that…

I find if I do this, I remember why I started the new habit and that helps me to continue practicing. Also it’s nice to have someone to talk to when I’m finding it really hard.

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