Top tip for new habits #3: Find a time and a place


One way you can remember new habits is to set a time to do it. You can do this with your phone: set an alarm at 3pm to revise some vocabulary or write a sentence or whatever, then at 3pm your phone rings and you remember.

OR have a place where you will do your new habit. First think of some things you do every day. For example…

  • eat breakfast
  • get on the bus
  • clean your teeth
  • walk to work
  • turn on your computer

Then think of a new habit you want. For example, maybe you want to…

  • listen to more English songs
  • learn new words
  • write your own sentences

Now think how you could add your new practice to these old habits. For example, you could…

  • name the objects around you when you are eating
  • listen to songs in English on the bus
  • put new words on the mirror in the bathroom
  • talk to yourself as you walk (you can always use your phone so that people think you are talking to someone!)
  • write a sentence while you wait for your computer to load

Play with different times and different places where you can make your new habit part of your day. Then choose the time/place which is easiest for you.

It’s not important where or when you do it. It is more important that it is easy for you to remember.

After some time, you brain will see it as a time or place to be learning English and you will do it without thinking.

PS: To start, you can choose ONE time or place to learn English. You don’t need to learn English in every activity, every day. It’s OK to take a break too!

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