Thought check


If life is an experiment, then data is essential.

Ours fears are thoughts. And thoughts are not facts.

The thought ‘I can’t do this’ is not a fact.

It is only true if you believe it.

The wonderful thing is: You can choose what you believe in.

So let us look at the thought: ‘I can’t do this.’

Ask: Is this 100% true? Who said that? Where is the evidence that ‘I can’t do this’? Where are the facts?

(Remember here: ‘difficult’ = ‘hard but possible’ and ‘mistakes’ are only proof that you are trying).

Maybe you’ll find that there is no evidence, that ‘I can’t do this’ isn’t 100% true.

And if you find it isn’t true? Ah well, then maybe it’s time to believe something new. Something more positive. Like: ‘I can do it.’

What is more: This time, you have the evidence to prove it.

And no one can argue with that. Not even yourself.

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