What to do when you’ve ‘failed’ an exam

1. Breathe. Deep. It’s going to be OK.

2. You are still alive. This is good. There is time to try again.

3. Ask: “Did I really ‘fail’? Or did I just get a lower score than I wanted?” then…

4. …Remember: Your English is more than a number someone else gives to you.

5. What is the kindest thing you can do for you now? Lie in bed? Watch a film? Hug your cat? Make a list. Then do them all.

6. Speak to someone about what you can do next. Sharing feels good and people are nice.

7. Start again tomorrow.

This post was inspired by ideapod.com. This is a site where you share your ideas in 1000 characters or less, or in a 40 second video. It’s pretty amazing, check it out.

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