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Phew! It’s summer in Brighton and I am working NON-STOP

At first I thought I would find this too difficult. I thought ‘it will be too tiring. I’m not ready. I’m not good enough. Maybe next year.’

Do you ever find yourself thinking this? About an exam? About an interview? About a presentation? About taking English lessons???


Well, I have good news for you.

The good news is: you 100% CAN do it.

A challenge is there for you to take. This ‘difficult thing’ is here to show you how strong you are.

So if there is a chance to do something hard: TAKE IT!

You will be surprised how ready you are and how ‘good enough’ you are.

I am still a bit scared about the work I have to do this summer… but so far, I am doing really well.

What is more: I am ENJOYING it.

What is the lesson I have learnt from this?


Don’t tell yourself ‘I can’t’ before you try.

First, try.

Maybe you will be surprised about what you can do. Maybe you will learn more. Maybe you will have fun. Maybe it will all just be OK. Maybe you will make mistakes and maybe you will learn from them. Maybe you will make new friends. Maybe you will learn some new skills.

Whatever. It’s all good.

And it is much better than telling yourself negative things and doing nothing.

We are here to live and you can’t do that sat in your room.

Go out there. Make a change. Try something new. Learn.

And remember: You 100% CAN do it.

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