Me time


I love the phrase “me-time”

The meaning is so clear. It is the time that I spend with me. Doing what I want. Alone.

Is it depressing to spend time alone?

It could be, yes.

Some people need to be around people. They love to socialise and learn more about others.

I love that too.

But sometimes I need time and space for me. For my thoughts. To relax. To find some quiet.




I find that “me-time” is also an important part of improving my confidence.

When I make “me-time” a part of my routine, I find I have space to really relax my mind. I don’t need to do anything or speak to anyone or think about someone else.

I am Number One.

After my “me-time,” my head feels a lot clearer. When I have a clear head, I find it easier to make decisions and focus on what I am doing.

And when I am decisive and focussed, I feel a lot more confident in what I am doing.


So here’s an activity for you…

  1. Look at your timetable / schedule / calendar.
  2. Find some time today. Maybe it’s five minutes. Maybe it’s an hour. Maybe it’s longer.
  3. Decide what you will do in that time. Choose something you enjoy.
  4. Be very strict. When that time comes, have your “me-time.”
  5. See how you feel afterwards.

And let me know.

I know “me-time” works for me. Does it work for you?

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