How to Talk to Anyone


how to speak to anyone people having a conversation 2How do we talk to anyone?

Sure it’s very easy to talk to people we know in a language we know.

But what about we don’t know the language? What about when we don’t know the people? What do we talk about? How do we know we are saying the right thing? What if we forget the words? What if we make mistakes?

I want you to lose the idea that you have to be perfect.

No conversation is perfect. I know native speakers who also don’t know the words to say. So you can forget about this right now.

English is a simple language and I KNOW that you have enough knowledge to say what you think. OK it might feel strange, you might make mistakes and you might have to explain more what you mean. And that’s OK.

My aim as a teacher is not to make you perfect.

Instead what I choose to focus on is you feeling comfortable when you are speaking in strange situations. Because when you are comfortable, you are happy to be yourself. When you are happy to be yourself, other people are happy around you.

Then it’s possible to talk to anyone.

And I am becoming more and more passionate about telling people that it’s possible to talk to anyone, right now, with the language you have now.

You don’t need to be C1 to make sense. You can be A1 and a powerful speaker. You have ideas and English is another chance to share them in a different language.

reach up

For this reason…

Next week, I am starting a course here in Berlin called ‘How to Talk to Anyone.’

It is for people who know the grammar, but who don’t know how to use it on a day to day basis. People who know how to read but not how to speak about what they read. People who have a lot to say, but don’t know how to say it. And for people who simply want to feel more comfortable speaking English.

My aim in this course is to give you some structures that you can follow and ideas you can talk about when the words escape you. I want to give you a safe space to practice your words and your opinion so that it becomes easier in the ‘real world.’

And finally I want you to relax and have fun – because when we have fun, everything becomes so much easier.

I want you to know that you can have fun with this. Talking to anyone is wonderful and exciting. You make new friends and build new connections, at work and in your free time.

Yes, it’s possible.

So if you are interested in learning more about conversation and want to feel more comfortable when you are speaking, send me an email and I’ll reserve a place for you.

The time to feel confident is now. This is your chance. Take it.


Read more about ‘How to Talk to Anyone’ here.


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