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About me

My name is Victoria Hodder and I teach English as a foreign language. I come from Brighton and studied History at university. In 2010, I moved to Germany to improve my German. In 2011, I took my CELTA and became a teacher of English. I have been teaching since then. Right now, I’m living and teaching in Berlin.

Learn more about my career so far on my LinkedIn page

About MTG

MTG comes from my own confidence crisis.

In 2015, I stopped teaching. My anxiety was so high – I found it hard to leave the house.

But I knew there was something more. I knew there was something I could learn here.

So I began to read and to listen to others. From them, I learnt the confidence to believe in myself.

I started to teach again, I started to write, I started to share.

Now, when I teach, I teach confidence AND brilliant English. Because everyone, EVERYONE, needs to know that they can do it.

I can, you can, we all can.

Because you already are AMAZING. You are. Join me and start believing it today.

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