How to feel part of a group


In this video I talk about:
– feeling alone in a group
– how to connect with how you feel
– being aware and being responsible
– being kind to yourself

My 4 tips for feeling more confident in a group:
– take deep breaths
– connect with how you feel
– talk about something easy
– do nothing but stay aware!

How do you feel when you are part of a group? Comment below!

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What happens when you say “My English is terrible”


Be careful what you say! Because what you say changes how you think and feel about your English.

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Talking to someone you can’t see


For me, the hardest thing about talking on the phone is that I can’t see the person who I am talking to.

In this video, I talk about why and also give you three tips on how you can feel more comfortable talking to someone who you can’t see.

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Share your opinion confidently


I want to talk about two things in this video: 1. why it can be uncomfortable to give your opinion and 2. three things you can do to feel more confident when you are sharing what you think.

Enjoy and share with others!


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We are more than our fears

We want to grow and we want to be more confident.

… and still there is a little voice in our head that tells us we can’t do it.

In this video, I talk about this little voice and how we can choose differently.

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What is confidence to YOU?


I know what confidence is for me. So what is it for you?

In this video, I talk you through some questions so you can find out.

And now you know, share with us! What is it to you and how can you be that confidence today?

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Be confident with your time in exams


It’s Christmas time…. which for some means only one thing: revision time for January exams.

I often found myself worrying a lot at this time. Especially when I thought about how long (or how short!) exams are. I worried that I wouldn’t have enough time to finish everything.

In this video, I share two tips from my experience as a student, teacher and a coach. One may surprise you!

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Being uncomfortable = good


So can being uncomfortable be a good thing?

Yes, it can.


Watch and find out!

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Love, V.


What I think about ‘can’t’

‘Can’t is a lie to yourself’ #MoreThanGrammar

In this video, I would like to share three things with you.

  1. A way to breathe deeply
  2. TWO ideas about the word ‘can’t’ and what we mean when we say it

This is what I think…. what do you think? Do you agree? What does ‘can’t’ mean to you???

PS Here’s a link to another blog post I wrote about ‘I can’t’

Why students inspire me


The summer is here and with it some very inspiring students!

In this video I talk about my break from vlogging, my summer experience and the students I have met.

It inspires me when people learn another language – I find it really fantastic and great and wonderful. I have a lot of respect for language learners.

So I would like you to know this. And I would like you to know that you inspire me and also the people you know.

Keep going!