4 tips on how to concentrate


In this video I talk about: why concentration is important and 4 ways you can improve your concentration when you are studying a language.

Why is it important to build your concentration?

  • you will have more focus
  • you will have finish what you start
  • you will have less things on your ‘to do’ list
  • you can listen longer in class
  • you can sit down and think for a longer time
  • you can write for a longer time
  • you can learn more words

How can you build your concentration:

  1. Ask yourself: ‘What is my style of learning? How do I concentrate?’
  2. Turn off your notifications!
  3. Work for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break
  4. Be kind when you don’t concentrate.

What about you? How long can you concentrate? How are you going to build your concentration today?

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What happens when you say “My English is terrible”


Be careful what you say! Because what you say changes how you think and feel about your English.

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Talking to someone you can’t see


For me, the hardest thing about talking on the phone is that I can’t see the person who I am talking to.

In this video, I talk about why and also give you three tips on how you can feel more comfortable talking to someone who you can’t see.

Thank you for listening. Please feel free to share with others who will find it useful.

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How do you sit when you study?


In this video, I want to talk about your body and how you sit when you study. I especially want to talk about your shoulders and how this can change how you feel.

What do you think?

Teach to learn


I want to share with you a way of learning that has helped me to 1) learn effectively and 2) feel more confident.

It’s really so simple and all you need are people around you to help.

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How can I stay motivated when I’m studying alone?

Are you studying for an exam? Are you preparing for an interview or presentation?

Motivation is so important when we are studying. Sometimes, it can be difficult to stay motivated when we are working alone.

In this video, I talk about two very important things to stay motivated. It is to do with how you think. Change how you think and stay motivated.

What do you think? How do you stay motivated?

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Be confident with your time in exams


It’s Christmas time…. which for some means only one thing: revision time for January exams.

I often found myself worrying a lot at this time. Especially when I thought about how long (or how short!) exams are. I worried that I wouldn’t have enough time to finish everything.

In this video, I share two tips from my experience as a student, teacher and a coach. One may surprise you!

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Am I too old to learn?

I’ve taught adults for over five years now and this is a question I sometimes asked by ‘older’ students. I say ‘older’ because age is such a relative thing. It is what you think it is…. And I think it’s unimportant in the learning process.

Why? Well, listen and find out.

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How often should I study outside class?


In this video I answer a question that I am often asked as a teacher.

Comment your experience. Does this answer your question?

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Love, Victoria.

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Start where you are

“To reach your goals, all you need to do is make little changes in your practice… and the best way to do that is to start where you are.”

Let me tell you a secret: Teachers get their best ideas from their students.

This video was inspired by an amazing group of students I taught last week. It was a brilliant workshop and we had lots of interesting discussions about ‘goal-setting.’

It is one of these ideas that I want to share with you today.

Watch, share, grow.