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Do you want to learn confidence in a group?

Are you a school with students with potential but no confidence?

Are you a business looking for English lessons with an extra twist?

Or are you a teacher who just wants to introduce confidence exercises into class?

I can help.

I offer workshops where I help students, businesses and teachers build their confidence.

    • Students:

      I can talk about and share ways to feel more confident when you are learning.

    • Businesses:

      I can teach ways to present and network effectively in English.

    • Teachers

      I share lesson plans and discuss exercises to build students’ confidence in class.


Contact me here and we can talk about your needs and how I can help.

Upcoming Workshops!

Yes, you can!: You are MoreThanGrammar with Victoria Hodder

In this workshop, I will share confidence building methods with you so that you can empower yourself to feel good about your English skills. I will also guide you through an open space where you can talk about your experiences so that we can grow in confidence together.

Where: Wonder Coworking

When: Tuesday 6th August, 18.30 – 20.30

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